Teradata SQL

Why learn Teradata SQL ? – If you are going to work on Teradata database, it is beneficial to know the Teradata SQL in detail. Teradata SQL includes all the ANSI recommended  and some custom syntax elements. Knowing the semantics will help in writing crisp and efficient queries. e.g. functions like TOPN can avoid unnecessary long SQL. The links are listed below.

  1. Introduction to Teradata SQL
  2. Teradata SQL SELECT, ORDER BY
  3. Teradata SQL DISTINCT operator
  4. Teradata Object naming Rules
  5. Teradata login and database.
  6. Teradata BTEQ
  7. BTEQ scripts and Batch mode
  8. SQL extensions
  9. SQL show command
  10. Teradata SQL Logical Operators
  11. Teradata SQL IN/NOT IN operator
  12. Teradata NULL
  13. Teradata LIKE Operator
  14. Teradata Like Operator with Quantifiers
  15. Logical operator AND OR
  16. Logical operator precedence