How to Prepare for Teradata Certification Exam

Teradata certification can help you secure your job in the database administration and data application development domain. Preparing for this certification will help you understand the architecture of Teradata database. This knowledge is applicable to most of the commercial databases in market. The current Certification exam is based in Teradata 14 release. Teradata provides some Web Based Training(WBT) courses for the certification exams.

For the Teradata 14 Basics certification exam (TE0-141), please go through the following books. Try to remember the key points in every paragraph. There is a cut off for each section. Do NOT ignore any section.

  1. The “WBT: Introduction to Teradata”.
  2. The authorized study guide : TERADATA 14 CERTIFICATION STUDY GUIDE: BASICS by by ERIC RIVARD. This book has presented many useful points in a precise manner.
  3. Download the TD14 user manual – 1091 : Introduction to Teradata. Go through the relevant chapters briefly.
  4. Download the TD14 user manual – 1094 : Database Design. This book has lost of stuff that helps not only for certification, but also for a career in Teradata. Read portions selectively.

If you have limited time, then 1 and 2 should be enough to get you success in this exam. Go through some sample questions to test your understanding. Without a clear understanding, some questions can be very confusing. If confused, revisit the materials.

If you have enough time, read 1 and 2 exhaustively and make notes of key points. The books 3 and 4 have huge amount of information that is not really needed for Basics exam. Read them selectively related to your content in 1 and 2.

For Teradata 14 SQL certification(TE0-142), go through the study materials

  1. WBT: Teradata SQL Introduction.
  2. WBT: Teradata SQL Advanced.
  3. WBT: Teradata SQL for Active Events. Just go through the Stored procedure, trigger and queue table basics.
  4. Teradata 14 Certification Study Guide – SQL by David Glenday
  5. Books from user manual are very detailed and cover a lot of stuff that may be unrelated to this exam. Not sure if anything can be recommended.

I would suggest to try the SQL queries on Teradata DBS and see output/result/error. Download a Teradata VM with TD14 database and get started.

For Teradata 14 Physical Design and Implementation (TE0-143), follow the

  1. Teradata 14 Certification Study Guide – Physical Design and Implementation by Eric Rivard. This book would give you a context of what kind of questions will be asked.
  2. TD14 user manual – 1094 : Database Design. Read from this book.
  3. TD14 user manual – 1091 : Introduction to Teradata. Go through the chapters selectively.

I believe, by the time you clear the above certifications, you get a fair idea about the other certification exams. No need to discuss them here. Many websites are offering the dumps that will exactly match the questions to be asked in the certification exam. I do not recommend this path, because you may get the certification, but you will not get the knowledge that really matters in interviews or job. Wish you luck!